If you follow me on social media (or even here!) you may have seen me mention a certain candle company a few times. Like many, I do love my candles, however, I am quite picky when it comes to my decision to purchase. 

For many reasons, Mythologie Candles has become one of my new favorite collection of candles.

Burning the Middle Earth inspired Bree’s Spice Market Candle 
during the Autumn Equinox with the music of David Arkenstone and 
Charlee Brooks in the background

I discovered the candles pretty much at the time of their launch. My friend Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc sent me one of their links, and I am also a fan of Leah’s music (Leah being the founder of the Mythologie Candle Company), especially as another musician that also writes music with a Celtic and Fantasy theme. And now the candle company very much reflects these themes!

One thing about this company that is quite remarkable was the fact that it was launched back in March of 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. Despite that, Mythologie Candles has gone on to be a very successful company within not even a year, already expanding from a home based business to one that needed a warehouse space and even a few employees! Impressive indeed.The first collection that was launched through MC was the Lord of the Rings inspired Middle Earth Collection. I had my eye on it for a couple months and then finally took the plunge in May and purchased a couple items from the Middle Earth collection.

2 oz. sampler tins from the Middle Earth Collection

My first purchase included the full sized Bree’s Spice Market candle (as shown in the video at the start of this article), and the sampler set of all the candles from the Middle Earth collection. Bree’s Spice Market is a blend of citrus peel, clove buds, cinnamon, and sweet vanilla.

My first Mythologie Candles unboxing experience!

I very much enjoy burning Bree’s Spice Market, and I also love the Double Breakfast candle (if you love the scent of smoked maple, Double Breakfast smells like Heaven). The Ranger (inspired by the Aragorn character) smells like new leather. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ll burn it. Instead, I saw this brilliant idea in the Mythologie Candles Facebook Group where someone stuck the sampler tin to their car dashboard. As a result the sun (even on a cold day) melts the wax and lets off the leather fragrance. I’m thinking I’ll try this with my Ranger sampler instead!

What I also like about Mythologie Candles is the fact that they put out a non-toxic product. They use a coconut soy wax and a glass candle jar with a packaging that is simple yet reflects the fantasy theme. The best part is the clean, word burning wick. Aside from being a clean, nontoxic, and no soot burn, the wooden wick almost gives off a sound like a campfire burning, which really makes for a very pleasant, time traveling atmosphere. And for those that might be concerned about overpowering scents, I will say fear not about that, though the scents definitely fill the room!

Another purchase I made was their stand alone Tudor House Library candle, which is a lovely blend of amber, clove, citrus, patchouli, musk, and vanilla. This is one that I look forward to burning as I write my new album that will be very much inspired by Tudor England.

During the Halloween season, I got their special The Alchemist candle (also a stand alone), a nice little spooky blend of earthy patchouli, powdery sandlewood, spicy cinnamon, vetiver, cedarwood, and amber.

Since its inception back in March of 2020, Mythologie Candles hasn’t wasted any time, releasing now four collections and two stand alone candles.


Middle Earth

A Spring Collection

Mystical Autumn

Always Winter, Never Christmas (the winter seasonal collection inspired by the Narnia Chronicles…I purchased The Lamp Post and The White Witch from this collection)

Stand Alones:

The Tudor House Library

The Alchemist

Dwarven Forge

and more!

One final thing that I will add is that MC is a very hands on company, allowing their customers to be actively involved with coming up with ideas for new scents and candle themes within the Facebook group. And it’s great seeing everyone interacting in there!

I look forward to experiencing their new collection, Spring in the Shire, adding it to my song and story writing sessions, and seeing what’s to come for Mythologie Candles!