Otherworld Calling 
by Elsa Marie Edmond

Heart laid bare, tattered and torn
With no more fight inside;
Dark cold soul lost and forlorn
Drowning by the incoming tide.
A soul alas from foreign lands
Hidden from this plane;
Pale skinned and frozen hands
Fading as the life force drains.
Deep inside and always there
The longing to go home;
Trapped in humanity full of despair
Suffocated in this upper dome.
In Middle Earth, the land below
Only peace and love reside;
Beings that roam emit a glow
The spark of the soul inside.
Long ago these beings did roam
The land you call Your earth;
Driven underground to now their home
As humanity asserted self worth.
A soul of old of the Underworld
For that is where I belong;
A mere stranger here since this life unfurled
Same tune ... yet a different song.
The Old Gods call my real name
Time has come now to return;
For Earth will never be the same
Until humanity can listen and learn.
And at that time and only then .
Both worlds may coexist;
I say not where, I say not when
Just watch ... for a descending mist.
Otherworld Calling A Celtic Mystic Poem

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