Pendragon Chainmail is a predominantly history and fantasy based armor company based out of Akron Ohio, and operates mostly within the Renaissance and Medieval festivals as traveling merchants.

The owner and founder, Jerry Hartung, began over thirty years ago by hand making his first shirt of Chainmail with steel links he made himself. Today, almost all of the metallic armor made and sold by the company Jerry continues to make by hand, though he now utilizes a variety of metals, styles (both historical and fictional), and goods other than armor.

In addition, his company has also come to include a pair of leather smiths; a husband and wife team of military veterans turned craftsmen. The leather smiths joined the company in 2016

Today, the company generally operates almost continuously on the road. Between Jerry and his fiancé Biagia and Doug and Jessica, they appear at various shows and festivals from the east coast to the west, and from as far north as the Great Lakes to Melbourne Florida, and their work is equally diverse.

While Jerry mends every style of Chainmail armor, from traditional European to Byzantine, and even “flattering” female armor to Chainmail coats for dogs and ferrets,

Doug and Jessica design and tool leather armor and gear in styles from the Gauls and Celts, to Persian, Chinese and even Thai. Most importantly, however; these craftsmen stand by their work, an important detail when you’re selling both to actors on stage, traveling adventurers and even knights competing in tournaments.

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