The pwca, or in Ireland the púca, and other names across the Celtic world, are spirits that can be either beneficial or malevolent.

Púca are noted for taking on the shape of animals – primarily a horse – and then taking the rider for the nasty ride of their life.

Púcaí are associated with Samhain, a Celtic festival meaning “summer’s end”, that occurred at the end of October into the first of November, and was one of the four major fire festivals.

According to folklore not only were the Good Folk especially active at this time, as Samhain was considered a spot between the Otherworld and this one, but the trooping fairies would move their place of residence.

Now coming back to the pwca, this time of year was the only time the pwca was considered to be more benevolent. A portion of the crops would be left for them as well as offerings to the Good Folk. Anything left in the fields was considered pwca food and wild berries, and such it was said the pwca would defecate or spit on them making them unfit for consumption.

So this upcoming time, treat the Good Folk very respectfully and you should have a good year.

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