Picture of blonde woman, Sally Redmore of Sally Redmore Seaglass, standing on a beach and looking into the camera

Meet Sally Redmore of Sally Redmore Seaglass! Sally makes beautiful handmade cards, decorated in pieces of seaglass she has found on her local beach. Here is her story.

Picture of three different handmade cards with designs made from seaglass in the shape of a heart, flowers, and birds

“You’re talking to yourself, Mum” is a very common expression shouted in this house. You would think after this long that my family would know that this is how it rolls with me! It’s how I think, it’s how I create, it’s how I make sense of all the ideas that jumble around inside my head.

When you are a solo creator/business owner/chief cook and bottle washer, you get used to working alone. You are the only person who can be inspired. You have to be creative and business-like, all in the same breath. The buck stops with you, end of story.

I talk aloud to myself wherever I am, whether it’s walking the dog or on the beach collecting my treasures. Inspiration can hit me anywhere and I find that by saying it out loud, I can form a picture in my head of what a design will look like. I suppose some would call it “mind mapping,” and in a way it is. I try to picture the design, then move the pieces around like a jigsaw puzzle until it looks just right.

So, if you ever see me on the beach or getting my groceries and chatting away to myself, you’ll know what I’m doing. And if you point out that I’m talking to myself, I won’t mind, but my answer will be: “I’m not talking to myself, I’m having a staff meeting!” . . . Staff headcount: 1