My name is Colette. I grew on a farm in Co. Mayo, and set up home just three miles away. At the end of my farm is a wooded area where a stream meanders.
Over thirty years ago my brother, Gabriel, unearthed part of a Giant Irish Deer’s antler, dated over 12,000 years old! This was my inspiration for painting. I have always loved designing and making things. As a child, I would often collect the Leach (moulding clay) from the river and mould figurines, my own little sculptures.
Approximately ten years ago I discovered Shamanism. I attended Shamanic drumming circles, participated in Shamanic workshops and qualified in many different Shamanic Healing Principles. I am also a qualified Usui Reiki Master, Elemental Reiki Master and an Ama-Deus Shamanic Reiki Practitioner.
I design and handcraft wands and rattles that are used during Shamanic/Reiki healing work and sacred healing ceremonies. My designs are inspired by Our Ancient Spiritual symbols and glyphs, Aran Sweater stitches and Traditional Irish Lace patterns.
I craft the wands and rattles from willow rods (sourced locally) for their durability and appearance. Preparing the willow rods is quiet complex, for I must complete each piece without cracking or splitting the rods. I collect the stones used in my rattles from Bertra Beach which is at the foot of my nearby Reek, for it is important to me to share that strong connection which I will always have with the Reek.