Strings & Things – Contemporary Irish folk band based in Tipperary

Contemporary folk band Strings & Things have released an energetic new single, “Jigtime.” The single is the first release from their upcoming album The Unsolicited Dance, which is set for release in September 2020. 

The song features a fast, energetic beat complete with strumming guitars, intricate fiddles, and layered string sounds, with singer James O’Meara’s vocals sailing overtop. “Jigtime” started as a poem by Ethel Mongey, mother of band member Sean, who approached the band and asked them to put music to the poem. The poem is about the unconditional love of a mother for her children, and a mother’s realization that her kids are growing up and don’t need their parents as much. The thoughtful lyrics are complemented by the upbeat, hopeful instrumentation, and the song quickly became a regular in Strings & Things’ live set. 

The single as well as upcoming album were recorded while the band was on a nine month residency as a house band at Raglan Road, an Irish entertainment bar in Disney World Orlando, Florida. The band would spend their days arranging and recording their original music in their home studio, and their nights gigging. 

The music was recorded by bass player Eoin Salmon, who is also a sound engineer. It was mastered by Aidan Cunningham (The Scratch, Overhead the Albatross). Strings & Things are a four-piece neo-trad band based in Tipperary who meld genres of rock, folk, pop, and trad to create their unique sound. For the last eight years they have been entertaining audiences around Ireland, the UK, and the US with energetic live performances, a

huge repertoire of traditional music, and thoughtful, innovative original music. They released their first album Turbulence and EP “Anorak Jack” in 2017, and an Irish cover album Four Thousand Miles in 2018. The band employs a collaborative writing process, with collective input on music, lyrics, and arrangement. The band consists of James O’Meara Ryan (guitar & vocals), Eoin Shelly (percussion & vocals), Sean Mongey (banjo, mandolin, whistle & backing vocals), and Eoin Salmon (bass).


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