“Being a warrior, is not being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you were the day before”. Author unknown BE INSPIRED, MEET SOME OF THE MEMBERS… Michael Geppert (founder of the group)“I am Sir Horath Covington of Essex and am portraying Sir William Marshal’s bodyguard/head advisor, whichContinue Reading

ALL of Nighean’s music in one place, including…the never before compiled releases, The Rise – On To Victory (Celtic Viking Battle and Warrior Maiden Music) and The Awakening Series (Music for the Fae Folk and Elven Realm.) Please support independent music by following Nighean on AudioMack, and sharing my music,Continue Reading

That’s right! You heard it here, first! Oh and…guess what? You know all those releases that are forthcoming for the next three years? Well, they are already released… EXCLUSIVELY…to Celtic Nations Radio! No need to wait…just listen to Celtic Nations Radio and you’ll hear ALL my music…ALL OF IT! Don’tContinue Reading

How did an Irish charity book come to be endorsed by none other than actor Jeremy Irons during a pandemic? Niamh Cooper, Publisher at eThentique in west Cork goes behind the scenes of what happened. When the world stopped turning In March 2020, most of us found ourselves at home,Continue Reading