Do you believe in fairies?  Well some people do, some people do not and of course there is always where is the proof?

There have been a few artifacts that have unusual origins but one particular one that stumped even the experts was what is now called the The Fairy Shoe of Beara Penisular.  This is a tiny shoe that was found in 1835 in the southwest area of Ireland.  The shoe in question was found in the middle of a sheep track by a farmer tacking a short cut. 

Now the shoe, which measures just under three inches in length was a mystery.  Who would be on such an isolated track and the shoe did not seem to belong to a doll.  The style of the shoe was one that was popular a century back with gentleman.  The shoe was passed through various hands and ended up in the Somerville family.  Dr. Somerville when in the United States took the shoe to Harvard University to have it examined.  The examination turned out to be quite interesting and yet only added to the mystery. 

The shoe was hand stitched but with stitches that would have challenged even the most expert of tiny hand humans.  It was fitted with tiny eyelets for shoelaces and careful examination concluded the leather was made from mouse skin.  Further the shoe showed quite a bit of wear especially about the heel.  If it was made by human hands then why was it left on a seldom used track?  Why was it worn so, clearly looking as if someone had worn it and walked in it for many a mile.

While the shoe remains a mystery, it certainly makes one wonder if one of the Fair Folk accidently left it behind.