In Powys in Wales situated near Brecon Beacons there is a lake that has associations with the Y Tylwyth Teg. These translates as The Fair Family, and are the fairies of Wales.  One of the tales says that there exists an island invisible now to humankind in the middle of the lake.  On Calen Mai or May 1st there would appear a door, or a door on the shore. This door would open and humans could follow a passage to the island in the lake.

Humans upon arriving at the island, would find a most wonderful garden. A garden filled with flowers of brilliant colours. Flowers that defied description and with intoxicating scents. Birds singing, a very peaceful place that many would say would be akin to heaven. 

The Fair Folk would present their human guests with food and drink. The food described as being like nothing like that found anyplace in the human realm. 

The Fair Folk entertained with songs and music. Music described as being the most enchanting of sounds like nothing ever heard Every person would again wish that they could stay forever in the magical place.  At the end of the day, each guest would politely ‘shown the door’ with the admonishment to not take a single item and each guest would agree.

The Fair Folk always keep their word, and humans do not seem to be able to the same.  It befell that one man decided that he would take a flower as a token of his visit.  Returning to mortal ground, the flower vanished along and with it all the man’s senses. The man became blind, was unable to reason and then he died shortly afterward. The Fair Ones do not to take very kindly to humans breaking their end of a bargain or trust.

A treasure rumored to be in the lake, a group of men decided to attempt to drain the lake by digging a channel. A storm came up full of lightning that threatened the men.

A further legend

It seemed as if the lake came alive by taking on a terrifying shape. A voice boomed over the storm saying: “if you disturb my peace, be warned that I will drown the valley of the Usk, beginning with Brecon town.”  The men took fright, dropped their tools and ran.

Music can be sometimes be heard coming from the lake and the birds will avoid flying over a certain spot in the lake to this very day.  The Y Twlwyth Teg have never forgotten the slight that had been given and they have never allowed their island to appear again nor invited any human guest evermore