This episode was a rather brief one, filling you in on a little of what’s going on in my world this month!

While I didn’t have my normal tavern setup, I did have A Witch’s Brew tea by @phanniesboozyjams in Gettysburg, PA! The tea is delicious with ingredients of rose, peppermint, spearmint, honeybush, calendula, and chamomile.

I also give shout outs to @ghostwalkstudios1 @rockygw @charlie.jiin

I am happy to be writing an original song for their next film noir project, He Was Asking for It which is based on the short story by Staci Layne Wilson.

This episode was brief, but I did want to jump on and say hi! I will be seeing you back in The Tavern in August and with a few guests! Cheers and thank you for being here!🍻

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