Greetings, Cheers, and Happy 2022!

I hope you had a wonderful new year and that 2022 has been treating you well so far. As for myself, I have many projects ready to go for this year and I am looking forward to it all.

One thing I missed over the past year or so is travel and this year I have plans to go to some places I planned to in 2020 but of course, ended up not happening. I also thought it might be fun to turn it into a series and this series will be called The Wandering Celt.

Just this past weekend, I traveled to my first event and location while performing with the early tavern music group, The Wayward Companions, at Fort Ligonier’s Annual Twelfth Night Gala in Ligonier, PA. The fort’s Twelfth Night Ball has been an ongoing event since 2018 and the 2021 event had been done virtually. This year, everyone was only too thrilled to be returning to this event in person!

Before I begin, I will briefly go over what exactly Twelfth Night is. Twelfth Night is ‘the twelfth night of Christmas,’ or Epiphany. It is the night on which the three Kings are said to have visited the infant Christ child. It is also said to be the luckiest night of the year and was heavily celebrated in centuries past.

The Annual Twelfth Night Ball at Fort Ligonier commemorates this old tradition and is an event that is much anticipated each year.

This is an event that I also look forward to, not only because it gives me a chance to perform with the music group Wayward Companions, but I also enjoy staying with relatives in the Greensburg area for that weekend. I typically like getting there earlier – either early in the day or the evening prior – so that I can have some time to myself and with family before the event. I typically will bring some resistance bands to do a light pre-gig workout and also meditative breathing, sometimes also using essential oils (Saje Wellness and Young Living are my favorites) that cater to clearing up breathing airways.

The view I had as I did my meditiations
My resistance bands!

When I get ready, I like to give myself an hour and a half to do all that needs to be done. Here is a (step by step) demonstration of what the entire process of switching from sweatpants to fully elegant 18th century attire.

The four stages of getting ready (and unready!) for a gig

One of my favorite parts about a gig is actually arriving at the venue and taking in the pre-audience serenity. There is just something wonderfully surreal and relaxing yet also exciting. Then there is the setup and soundcheck which is also a wonderful anticipation to the event.

Pre-show setup!

It was also wonderful starting up our set as the event-goers entered. It was incredible to see everyone entering and joyfully greeting one another as they were seated at the tables and socializing.

Looking out to the audience…

We (The Wayward Companions) performed a nice combination of vocal and instrumental pieces. In addition, we also provided the music for the English Country Dance portion of the evening.

Party goers engage in English style country dance

During the breaks, I enjoyed hanging out with some of the lovely Twelfth Night goers and even saw some friends there.

Also, one more look at my outfit!

I love it!

All in all, the night was truly an amazing one and it only made me look forward to the year of events ahead.

Happy Twelfth Night to all!

Til next time!

Me with some lovely ladies!