Around ten years ago, I was introduced to the Celtic Rock band Tempest when my friend Chuck Owston hosted a stop on their spring tour at the Bryn Mawr Church in White Oak, PA. As someone who very much enjoys Celtic Rock (and pretty much Celtic music of any kind), I was immediately taken by the band and their high energy live shows. They are also really cool offstage too!

Tempest is Adolfo Lazo (front left), Lief Sorbye (front right), Lee Corbie-Wells (center), Hugh Caley (top left), Nikolay Geogriev (top right)

I’ve gotten to see several of their live shows over the past few years and have also loved exploring their studio recordings as well. This is the first year that they have played live since 2020 and it was great to see them back in action. Of course, they did a few livestreamed concerts (and even created audio recordings out of them), but of course live is always the best.

Tempest is currently promoting their new album “Going Home”, and they perform a few songs on the tracklist in this year’s live show. I review the new album in the June issue of Celtic Nations Magazine (pick up a copy when the June issue is out), but now I will share my experience in seeing Tempest live for the first time in two years.

I was very much anticipating and looking forward to the show this year as seeing Tempest has become a yearly tradition for me in the last few years. I was looking forward to both the music and chatting with them afterward.

Upon my arrival, my friend Chuck’s appalachian band Catfish Row was playing. During that time, Tempest’s singer Lief Sorbye approached my about taking photos of the concert. So I went back and forth through the evening between taking photos for the band and photos for my own blogs! But it was fun and I got to flex my sprouting photography skills a little!

When Tempest came on, they performed the first two songs off their new album, along with a few other songs from “Going Home” and some of their previous albums. It was fun switching back and forth between taking in the concert and taking photos and video.

 Lee Corbie-Wells on Fiddle

The band certainly did not disappoint with their performance and it was great hanging out after the show and picking up their new release!

Me hanging with Lief Sorbye after the show
The night would not have been complete without some junk food afterward!

I am glad Chuck had them back again and it was great seeing them live after two years!

Check out Tempest at their website

Check out Tempest at their website